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New SAT Grading Scale Released for NCAA and NAIA Initial Eligibility [ARTICLE]


In the spring of 2016, the SAT rolled out a newly formatted exam. As a result, both the NCAA and NAIA recently released revised SAT minimum score requirements, which...... Continue

Intermediate and Deep Passing Game [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2015 Coach of the Year Clinic Notes on

We are going to talk about our quarterback and receiver play. along with our passing game. This is what we think it takes to be successful. You may have different philosophies but hopefully, you can gain something from this presentation that...... Continue

Are You Short on Big Linemen? If So, You Should... [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

Are you like most programs that have a shortage of big players with most of those needed on the offensive and defensive line? Then playing a stand-up Will End may be something that can help your defense. We have used the stand-up Will End...... Continue

3-4 Front with Quarters Coverage: Base Front Variations [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

Over the past two and a half years of being directly involved with the 3-4 defense and through doing our research, we have encountered several different ways to adjust the base 3-4 look and play a multiple quarters coverage...... Continue

Quarter Coverage in the 4-2-5 Defense [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2015 COY Clinics Notes on

My topic today is Quarters Coverage in our 4-2-5 defense. We talked to a lot of people before this season and came up with a defense that added our flavor to it. I truly believe coaching is a ministry. It is about helping young men develop...... Continue

Developing Physical Linebacker Play [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

From my standpoint, the greatest compliment our defensive staff can receive is at the end of the game having the opposing coach say how hard and physical our guys played. Playing hard is something that every coach demands from their...... Continue

Eliminating Big Offensive Plays [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2015 Coach of the Year Clinic Football Manual on

When you are looking to play winning football, you have to look at the dynamic you need to play the game the right way. That is especially true defensively. You have to go back to your core philosophy of how you see your defense. One of my core...... Continue

Cover-4 from the 4-2-5 Defense [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2015 Coach of the Year Clinic Notes on

I am the defensive coordinator at Trenton High School in Trenton, Michigan. My lecture is on quarters-coverage in the 4-2-5 defense. I hope I can give you one thing you can add to your scheme, whether it is a technique or the scheme.... Continue

Overwhelming the Opposition - An Inside Look at the Up-Tempo Offense [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

Players that can play multiple positions increase your chances of success with the up-tempo offense. The up-tempo offense can place a lot of stress on a defense. The defense has to worry about substitutions, formations, and locating key players...... Continue

Motivating the Modern Athlete [ARTICLE]

by Dr. Marty Durden, Athletic Director - Presbyterian School - Houston, TX on

Today's athlete is different from years past. The much-publicized generation Y student-athletes (1980's-1999) have moved through college. Generation Z is...... Continue