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Pride Points System and Off-Season Ideas [ARTICLE]

by Jeremy Plaa on

I have been at this clinic every other year for the past six years. Today, I want to get right into our topic of Pride Points. Pride Points is a way to measure players' off-season commitment. This system definitely has more than one use...... Continue

Draws, Screens and the Sprint Out Pass [ARTICLE]

by Mark Batton - Magnolia High School, West Virginia on

I want to start out with something a little different from what you may have seen before. I will get to draws and screens in just a minute. I found this at a clinic that I went to a few years ago. I had never seen this at a clinic before...... Continue

Defending the Spread Offense [ARTICLE]

by Everett Winters - Ohio State University on

I want to talk to you about defensive back philosophy and fundamentals. However, I want to start talking about what we look for in athletes at Ohio State. I always talk about core values. That is one of Coach Meyer's big things. The core values are..... Continue

4 Keys to Building Football Speed [ARTICLE]

by JR Niklos on

Speed is the ultimate measurable in football. At the NFL Combine, one tenth of a second in the 40-Yard Dash can determine whether a player gets drafted and makes millions of dollars or has to fight for a spot on a team. ... Continue

5 Pass Rush Drills for the Defensive Lineman [ARTICLE]

by on

The use of the Gilman tall pop-ups is very fundamental to our pass rush drill training. After we've done all the basic things - drills, footwork - we transition to this full-speed drill set. This drill set combines conditioning, great take-off...... Continue

Shane Vereen's 'Hot Sauce' Receiving Drill [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

New York Giants running back Shane Vereen is a dynamic playmaker. Although he's been an efficient runner during his career, his remarkable receiving abilities are his true calling...... Continue

Detachment Screens [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2016 Coach of the Year Clinic Notes on

We call our screens "Detachment Screens". We do not want our offensive linemen downfield. I know at Arizona, they teach their offensive linemen to contact the defender and drive him back, however, if they feel he is doing...... Continue

10 Off-Season Drills and Tips for Quarterbacks [ARTICLE]

by on

When you think of quarterback drills or an off-season program, you probably think about throwing the football and lifting weights. Although these are two things a QB must do to get better, there are other areas of focus that some QB's don't even...... Continue

Plan a Better Off-Season Football Workout [ARTICLE]

by Joe Giandonato on

The start of off-season conditioning is an important time for football players. This is when they can really commit to curing last season's weaknesses with time in the weight room...... Continue

2 Essential Workout Tips for Offensive Linemen [ARTICLE]

by G.R. Hoff on

Offensive linemen often get overlooked during off-season weight training. The big guys up front either get stuck training with the skill position players (who have totally different needs and goals), or, worse...... Continue