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Effective Use of H-Back Concepts [ARTICLE]

by Nike Coach of the Year on

The Foundation: Based on the I-formation in the mid 90's; Ran multiple options and traditional concepts; Added the shotgun and zone read principles...... Continue

Post - Season Priorities - Wrapping Up One Season and Transitioning... [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

When your season ends, do you kick back, relax and get away from the game for a couple months? Of course not. Whether it's formulating and...... Continue

Coach Communication Guidelines Self-Assessment [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

1. Messages should be direct. Coaches who are weak on this quality avoid straightforward, direct communication. Their athletes may not know where they stand. These coaches...... Continue

Tackling - Keeping the Head Out of the Game [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2016 Coach of the Year Clinic Notes on

First you must talk about player safety. That falls on the responsibility of the coach. Player Safety, above all else, must be the top priority of a coach...... Continue

See How Much Your University Gets from Nike, Adidas or Under Armour [ARTICLE]

by Portland Business Journal on

When Florida State athletes arrived on campus in 1998, they received $144,750 in free Nike footwear and apparel. This year, a vault of $2.8 million in Nike gear awaited players arriving in Tallahassee. That's in addition to the $1.4 million in...... Continue

Fundamental Insights for Winning [ARTICLE]

by Telecoach on

I am not going to start with a lot of fill. I am going to start out with our basic philosophy for a clinic. We want you to be able to take a couple of things back you can use in your program. I am a defensive back coach by trade and played...... Continue

Pride Points System and Off-Season Ideas [ARTICLE]

by Jeremy Plaa on

I have been at this clinic every other year for the past six years. Today, I want to get right into our topic of Pride Points. Pride Points is a way to measure players' off-season commitment. This system definitely has more than one use...... Continue

Motivation and a FUNdamental Offense [ARTICLE]

by Nike Coach of the Year on

An assistant coach with us once said, If you could go to a clinic and learn one thing. it would be worth the trip." My buddy said. "There is one thing you are going to give them." I asked him what that was and he said, "hope." He said...... Continue

Robert Cary - How to be a Good Assistant Coach [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2014 COY Clinics Clinic Notes on

I know it may sound egotistical to be talking about being a great assistant coach. I want to show you where I am headed with this lecture. OUTLINE: Introduction, Curly and "the one thing" (City Slickers), Descriptions of a Great Assistant...... Continue

Coaching Concepts and Points of Emphasis [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2013 COY Clinics Football Manual on

I want to talk about a couple of different things. I am going to talk about our offense and some other things in general. The things in general I want to talk about are some coaching points of special emphasis. I will explain about that as we go.... Continue