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The Drive Series - It is critical for the QB to... [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

One of the pass series in our playbook that allows us flexibility and options vs. defenses is the Drive Series. The Drive encompasses concepts that can be successful against most coverages. The routes within the series also create some big play...... Continue

Pistol Spread Option Offensive System [ARTICLE]

by Anthony M. Pratley ( on

It has been an amazing thing to see the Pistol Offense take off! I still remember the first time that I saw the formation on TV. I was watching Boise State play Nevada, and I remember saying to myself, "What in the world is that? That may be the...... Continue

Fundamental Principles of Offensive Blocking [ARTICLE]

by Larry Manfull on

An effective blocking team is paramount to winning the championship. To be successful, you must be fundamentally sound in both the running and the passing game. To be fundamentally sound, you must...... Continue

Running Backs - Pass Route Tips [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Many offensive systems use a series of pass routes for wide receivers or running backs. The diagram showing the routes is called a route tree. For example, the inside breaking routes are even numbered...... Continue

Michigan State Running Back Essentials, Fundamentals and Abilities [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

This article outlines what we believe it takes to play RB at a high level - the essentials. These are what the individual, to some degree, brings with him to the game. Additionally, the musts, fundamentals, and abilities are what we attempt to...... Continue

Zone Adjustments: Run and Pass [ARTICLE]

by 2014 C.O.O.L. Offensive Line Coaches Handbook on

The first thing I am going to do today is show you our inside zone. I am going to take you through how we teach it and some of our drills. I also have some film clips, but I will run through them pretty fast because really in a spread offense...... Continue

Pressure Packed - Game-like drills will help your quarterback make good decisions [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

In today's offensive game plans, most teams have a spread attack that works out of the shotgun set. Teams run 60-65 plays per game with the quarterback in a drop back technique for most of the passing plays. Out of the number of passing plays...... Continue

Updating the Pistol-Flex Offense - Five new enhancements make this offense...[ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

In our continuing effort to enhance the Pistol-Flex offense, this season we're adding new plays, variations, drills and pass protection schemes that will, we think, make this offense even harder to stop. One of the improvements in the Pistol-Flex...... Continue

The No Huddle Hurry Up Offense [ARTICLE]

by Championship Productions on

It is a pleasure to come here from North Carolina and see all the coaches here. There is a reason you have the reputation that you do down here. You have great talent, but it is obvious you work very hard at what you do.... Continue

Naval Academy Football and the Option Game [ARTICLE]

by Coaches Choice on

I have been at the United States Naval Academy since 1995. It is a great institution, and I am proud to be there. It is gratifying to go to work every day and see the men and women that are there. They are there because they want to serve our...... Continue