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Executing the No-Huddle Spread Offense [ARTICLE]

by Coaches Choice on

We want to have 350 yards of total offense a game. There was one game this year that we did not have 350 yards of total offense. In that game, our starting quarterback broke his nose on the first play of the game. He had to go to the hospital...... Continue

Play-Action Passes from our Best Plays - Steve Belles - Hamilton HS - AZ [ARTICLE]

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How many head coaches do we have here today? Our record since I have been at Hamilton High School is 67-3. We have a phenomenal coaching staff, we have great players, and we have a great administration. Trust me, it is not me, it is the program...... Continue

The Elements of Pass Protection [ARTICLE]


Pass protection is perhaps an offensive lineman's toughest challenge. Understand offensive line play is unnatural task, which is a skill that is acquired through many hours of hard work and dedication. To be an effective pass blocker an offensive...... Continue

Relationships and Quarterback Development [ARTICLE]

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If all you get out of this lecture is the X's and O's then you are sadly mistaken as to why we have been successful everywhere we have been. ... Continue

Goals of the No-Huddle Spread Offense [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2014 Coach of the Year Clinics Clinic Football Manual on

Thank you for that introduction. It brings me back to my days at Glenville State. Has anyone in here been to Glenville? If you have. you know how hard it is to get there. You cannot get there from here. In fact, you cannot get there from most...... Continue

Understanding Red Zone Schemes on Offense [ARTICLE]

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I figured out a long time ago I do not have all the answers. I also figured out a long time ago, good players win. If you do not have good players you can still win, but you end up practicing coaching a lot...... Continue

Third Down Offense [ARTICLE]

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I am thrilled to be here. This is my 30th year in coaching. As I look around this room I see a bunch of young guys and some veteran coaches as well. I think it speaks volumes for the high school coaches, their staffs, and this state for its..... Continue

Teaching the Inside and Outside Zone Using 3-Person Groups [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

O-Linemen need to determine their defender’s alignment so they know if they are a covered or uncovered lineman. This topic is about teaching the inside and outside zone using 3-person groups during your individual periods.... Continue

Inside Zone [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Most of the running game inside the tackle box is executed with the inside zone blocking scheme. When identifying the inside zone blocking schemes, terms such as power scoop and power slip are used on the backside of plays...... Continue

3 Drills to Improve Your Passing Game [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

The ‘Pat and Go', ‘Noose', and ‘Rapid Fire' Drills will help improve your quarterback's efficiency. While I did not invent any of these drills, we have adapted them over time to best fit our needs. We rotate these three drills as part of our...... Continue