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Strategies on 3rd Down with the Bear Defense [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2016 Coach of the Year Clinic Notes on

We use the Bear strategies with the nickel package. Most people think about third down and getting off the field as third and eight. From my experience, that...... Continue

See How Much Your University Gets from Nike, Adidas or Under Armour [ARTICLE]

by Portland Business Journal on

When Florida State athletes arrived on campus in 1998, they received $144,750 in free Nike footwear and apparel. This year, a vault of $2.8 million in Nike gear awaited players arriving in Tallahassee. That's in addition to the $1.4 million in...... Continue

Fundamental Insights for Winning [ARTICLE]

by Telecoach on

I am not going to start with a lot of fill. I am going to start out with our basic philosophy for a clinic. We want you to be able to take a couple of things back you can use in your program. I am a defensive back coach by trade and played...... Continue

Pride Points System and Off-Season Ideas [ARTICLE]

by Jeremy Plaa on

I have been at this clinic every other year for the past six years. Today, I want to get right into our topic of Pride Points. Pride Points is a way to measure players' off-season commitment. This system definitely has more than one use...... Continue

Draws, Screens and the Sprint Out Pass [ARTICLE]

by Mark Batton - Magnolia High School, West Virginia on

I want to start out with something a little different from what you may have seen before. I will get to draws and screens in just a minute. I found this at a clinic that I went to a few years ago. I had never seen this at a clinic before...... Continue

Defending the Spread Offense [ARTICLE]

by Everett Winters - Ohio State University on

I want to talk to you about defensive back philosophy and fundamentals. However, I want to start talking about what we look for in athletes at Ohio State. I always talk about core values. That is one of Coach Meyer's big things. The core values are..... Continue

4 Keys to Building Football Speed [ARTICLE]

by JR Niklos on

Speed is the ultimate measurable in football. At the NFL Combine, one tenth of a second in the 40-Yard Dash can determine whether a player gets drafted and makes millions of dollars or has to fight for a spot on a team. ... Continue

5 Pass Rush Drills for the Defensive Lineman [ARTICLE]

by on

The use of the Gilman tall pop-ups is very fundamental to our pass rush drill training. After we've done all the basic things - drills, footwork - we transition to this full-speed drill set. This drill set combines conditioning, great take-off...... Continue

Shane Vereen's 'Hot Sauce' Receiving Drill [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

New York Giants running back Shane Vereen is a dynamic playmaker. Although he's been an efficient runner during his career, his remarkable receiving abilities are his true calling...... Continue

Detachment Screens [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2016 Coach of the Year Clinic Notes on

We call our screens "Detachment Screens". We do not want our offensive linemen downfield. I know at Arizona, they teach their offensive linemen to contact the defender and drive him back, however, if they feel he is doing...... Continue