Goal Line Bunch Concept [ARTICLE]

Goal Line Bunch Concept
By: Jeff Hancock - Offensive Coordinator, McMurry University

Provided by: American Football Monthly

If you run some Bunch Formation concepts, you may want to consider incorporating this play at the goal line (7-yard line to the 4-yard line). This is a very good concept for any 2 high safety looks (including man under). The back side of the formation is reserved for a 1 high safety beater.


Let's start with the "point man" or the #2 Wide Receiver as labeled in the diagram.


He will come off the ball first and run a ten-yard corner route. His primary responsibility is to get an inside release on the defender lined up across from him to get the defender's hips and eyes turned to the inside so as not to be able to see the #1 wide receiver's route. In addition to this task, he needs to attack the safety and get him to deepen and run with him on the corner route.

The #1 Wide Receiver will come off the ball at the same time as the #2 Wide Receiver and push straight up field to one yard past the goal line then break off his hitch route, turning back to the inside.

The #3 Wide Receiver comes off the ball after #1 and #2 go. He will run an arrow route slowly gaining depth of 3-4 yards. It's important for this Wide Receiver to not get too deep too quickly. His job is to get the corner to widen out to help create the "window" for the #1 Wide Receiver when he breaks off his route.

#4 Wide Receiver, or the back side singled up WR has a built in route on this concept to run a ten-yard post route. This is the route that the quarterback will look to throw to first if the defense rolls to a 1 high safety look. If the post isn't open the QB will check it down to the Running Back who will run an arrow route if not needed in protection.

The Quarterback's read vs. a 2 high look are the #1 first on his third step in a gun formation drop. If the #1 isn't open, the QB will reset his feet "or hitch back up" and read the corner route to the arrow route high-lowing the cornerback. If the defense moves to a 1 high look, the QB will look to throw the post route on his third step in drop, or reset to lay off the ball to the running back in his arrow route.

A great tag to add to the back side out of this formation, keeping in mind that you will need a 1 high beating concept here, is to get the running back and #4 Wide Receiver on a concept similar to "Read".


The #4 Wide Receiver will run directly to the near upright on the goal post when the ball is snapped. The running back will run a "Wheel" Route working to the bottom of the numbers on the field as he gets vertical.

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