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Inside Zone [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Most of the running game inside the tackle box is executed with the inside zone blocking scheme. When identifying the inside zone blocking schemes, terms such as power scoop and power slip are used on the backside of plays...... Continue

3 Drills to Improve Your Passing Game [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

The ‘Pat and Go', ‘Noose', and ‘Rapid Fire' Drills will help improve your quarterback's efficiency. While I did not invent any of these drills, we have adapted them over time to best fit our needs. We rotate these three drills as part of our...... Continue

Learn the 5 Points of Contact for Fumble-Proof Football From Ray Rice [ARTICLE]

by on

Ray Rice isn’t a fumbler. In his five NFL regular seasons, he’s put the ball on the ground only seven times—or once in every 218 touches. But during the Ravens’ Super Bowl Championship run last season, Rice uncharacteristically committed a few drops.... Continue

Pistol Precepts and Zone Insights [ARTICLE]

by Championship Productions on

I love to talk about the pistol offense. I spent the better part of nineteen years of coaching as an offensive coordinator. We fell into the pistol by accident. We started to figure some things out with the offense and by the 2005-2006 we were...... Continue

No Huddle Spread Offense: Fly Sweep [ARTICLE]

by Coaches Choice on

The system is the shotgun zone fly series. The SZF focuses on the run as a power running game. This offense uses the quarterback as a primary runner, which forces the defense to cover the field like a spread team. At the same time, the offense has...... Continue

Offensive Line Drills and Fundamentals [ARTICLE]

by Coaches Choice on

We coach people and not positions. It is important that we do that. Not everybody has the same learning style. Some kids are very visual learners. Other kids have a kinesthetic sense. They have to go through that skill and move around to get the...... Continue

Three Effective Types of Screen Passes [ARTICLE]

by Coaches Choice on

I am going to talk to you today about our screen passing game. I will cover our fast screen, solid screen, and jailbreak screen. They have been very successful for us over the past years. ... Continue

Intermediate and Deep Passing Game [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2015 Coach of the Year Clinic Notes on

We are going to talk about our quarterback and receiver play. along with our passing game. This is what we think it takes to be successful. You may have different philosophies but hopefully, you can gain something from this presentation that...... Continue

Overwhelming the Opposition - An Inside Look at the Up-Tempo Offense [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

Players that can play multiple positions increase your chances of success with the up-tempo offense. The up-tempo offense can place a lot of stress on a defense. The defense has to worry about substitutions, formations, and locating key players...... Continue

The Inside Zone With Multiple Screens [ARTICLE]

by Nike 2015 COY Clinics Clinic Notes on

Inside Zone and Quick Screen • Why Simplicity? Fewer plays with more production • Never a bad situation • Get the ball to the play makers • Players cannot take a playoff "TEAM"... ... Continue